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SEO Quick Tip #1 - Dress Up Your Search Result

SourceSquare Search Marketing Quick Tips SeriesWe have received many emails from our fellow readers asking if there’s anything they could do on their own to jump start their web traffic recently. Thanks all for the email folks! We will try to answer all your email as soon as possible, but it may take a while. Sorry for the long silence in advance :P

Anwyay, SEO is never a rocket science. In fact it is much more similar to PR and marketing than you think, so certainly there are many many things that one can do without touching the code (oh well… perhaps a little…) or techie stuff. Hence we are launching this quick tip series hoping to give you some insight from a more general perspective, hopefully you will find a tip or two useful as time goes by.

We Are Google Analytics Qualified Individual!

Google Analytics Qualified IndividualSourceSquare has been recently awarded Google Analytics Individual Qualification! Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a professional certificate exam provided by Google to certify individuals who have sufficient and accurate knowledge and experience on using Google Analytics to track their site traffic, and to analyze the data in an accurate and meaningful way.

What Is Backlink?

BacklinksAny hyperlink that is linking to a web page on your website from external web page is called a backlink.

In English, any link from another website with a different domain ( to a web page on your site ( is called a backlink. The backlink could be from entierly different domain, or it could be a web page in your sub-domain.

How do you check your backlinks?

There are many paid and free tools in the market that you can use to find out who is linking to you. I will just suggest a few FREE ones I most oftenly use for your reference.

Google Webmaster tools

Google Webmaster Tools shows backlinks on your sites that Google can find on their indexed pages, but for some reason it did not display the backlinks when captured the screen ... server error?

What is SERP (Search Engine Result Page)?

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) refers to the page that display the result of the search query. More related, more useful and more trustworthy indexed web pages will appear higher in the SERP, thus  the term SERP Ranking.

Google SERP

What Is PageRank (PR#)?

Google PageRankPageRank is a proprietary algorithm developed by Google to determine the usefulness of an individual web page. Ranking scores from 0-9, where 0 being the lowest and 9 being the highest rank.

Characteristics / Implications

The algorithm of PageRank is constantly changing to better reflect the usefulness of each web page. There are approximately 200 factors used to determined the PageRank score of each web page.

You can find out the PageRank of any webpage through the use of Google Toolbar.

Background Information

Before Google was created, Yahoo and other search engines index web pages manually -- i.e. if you have a website and if you wish your website to be listed in Yahoo, you will have to submit the web address (URL) to Yahoo, and Yahoo will send someone to take a look at your web page and manually abstract crucial information from your site and list them on their search engine database. In the later years Yahoo and many other major search engines implemented a paid advertisement scheme that lists sponsored listings higher in the search results.

SEOMoz Ranking Factors 2009

ImageSEOMoz, industry leading SEO company releases a list of factors that contribute most ranking a website on major search engines every year. SEOMoz Ranking Factors was compiled through interviewing with around 100 industry leader and experts with a hundred identified SEO factors and have them rate and comment on these factors. They have recently released SEOMoz Ranking Factors 2009, with some of the highlights below:

More Social Media Facts - Media Convergence 2009

Xplane, a famous information design company, joined force with Economist Magazine to have created this insightful and remarkable video for The Third Annual Media Convergence Forum with latest statistics on various area of media and technology convergence, and audience behavior in this digital world. Naked facts of Media Convergence in 2009... and 25 yrs from now on.

How Does Facebook's Twitter-like @ Mentions Help To Boost Exposure?

Twitter and FacebookReported by Mashable, "@Mention Facebook’s most Twitter-like feature yet – the ability to include other users in messages using the “@” symbol – is now live". This is a new feature that tweeples are very familiar with, however definitely something new for facebook only users. There have been enough buzz in the sphere about this exciting new feature among the Facebook users. I can assure you though it is far more exciting for marketers around the world.

Is Your Website Ready For PPC?

Is your website ready for PPC?So your business has been doing pretty good. You think it is time to start getting some global attention. You heard that many business succeeded marketing their business online, so you thought it'd be a good idea to buy some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads from Google and Yahoo.

Few weeks later you look at the invoice from Google thanking you for your $2,000. You are very excited that the ad campaign has gone so well "successful" that you must have created quite some attention for all these clicks the campaign generated. You are expecting a dozen of enquiry emails or orders sitting in your inbox. You ask your assistant if there is any message for you, "No!" she replied. You start to wonder... is there something wrong with this whole PPC Ad Campaign idea? The fact is, your website may not be ready for PPC.

"What The F**K Is Social Media" Marketing?

"What The F**K Is Social Media" Marketing?I was just chatting with a friend who works for marketing in a large multi-national recruitment network. Apparently her boss (or her boss's boss...) have been hearing enough buzz about social media marketing (or Twitter?) that her companies wants her to help sourcing a sound social media marketing solution.

Although that's pretty much happening in every company which takes Marketing seriously, still got me thinking if there is an easier way to explain what social media marketing is all about. So I started a little searching of my own too, and that's how in got into this brilliant presentation "What the F**K is Social Media: One Year Later".

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